Charley Mitcherson is a retired professional photographer who studied film photography as an undergrad and has become a self-taught digital artist. Her past work involved a variety of projects including media projects with school children for non-profit arts organizations in Texas and California, photography for film and commercial production companies, school portraiture, photography for a Radio Disney production, as well as weddings, music festivals and special events. Mitcherson operated a small portrait photography studio in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas from 2004-2010.

Mitcherson’s photography has been featured in group shows most recently with the Women Photographers Collective of Hudson Valley and The Saugerties Artists Studio Tour since 2021 in upstate New York. In the past, she has shown at the Museum of Photographic Arts’ Volunteers and Docents show in San Diego, California; a group show at The Texas Theater, The Turner House Art Salon, The Kessler Theater group show, Mighty Fine Arts Gallery group show, Oak Cliff Artists Studio Tour, Virtual Speed Bump Studio Tour, the Dallas Public Library Employee Art Show, and the Dallas City Hall Employee Art Show, all in Dallas, Texas. Mitcherson also had a solo show, “Gatherings”, at the South Dallas Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas in December 2012.

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