Jill Enfield is a Hudson Valley-based visual artist, known for her alternative process work in photography, an author and educator.


Jill’s books are used in schools world-wide, with her most recent book: “Jill Enfield’s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes” published in 2020.


Enfield’s work is a jumping off point of being a first generation American on her fathers side; second on her mothers. “The New Americans' project explores the immigrant experience, people that decided to come to the USA from the 1960’s onward. They portray the bravery it takes to pick up and leave one's homeland. A 3-dimensional glasshouse was made from windows, their distressed exteriors echoing the hardship of what it means to be an immigrant. This structure shares the ghostlike fragility of the glass panels that support portraits created using the wet-plate collodion process.


Her newest series “The Way Home”, started as an exploration of Enfield’s commute along the Hudson River and has evolved into a much bigger conversation about the state of the river, it’s towns and its history.


Enfield was a keynote speaker at the Symposium for Artistic Research in Analog Photography in Finland 2022 and her work can be seen in many collections.

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