Susan Keiser is a fine art photographer working at the intersection of dreams and memories, abstract and conceptual ideas. The casual purchase of a 1950s vintage doll on Ebay was the start of her ongoing project, Undertow, a miniature world that reflects and comments upon our individual and cultural histories.


Working outdoors, following the seasons, water animates her work as it animates all life. Whether liquid or frozen, in droplets or ponds, it serves as both metaphor and lens. Worn remnants of plastic are transformed when fractured through panes of ice, reflected in liquid windows, or swathed in sodden paper or petals. Intuitive, improvised, her photographs are created entirely in-camera and in available light.

Keiser has exhibited in solo and group shows in a wide range of museums and galleries both here and abroad, The recipient of numerous awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts grant, she attended Pomona College and holds a BFA from Cooper Union. She lives and works in Beacon, New York.

All images are available as limited edition, archival pigment prints.

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