Maria Fernanda Hubeaut is an Argentine-American photographer and performance artist whose rich ethnic background and roots in Eastern European, life and philosophy inform her life and her work. Nothing is at it appears, and Hubeaut’s composition and timing capture those encounters in which superficial societal constructs break to reveal our human story of survival and joy, and our astounding capacity to hope, grow, and create beyond our self-imposed limits.

She is the creator of “La Fotografia Performatica” (an artistic manifestation that undoes the limits between photography and performance.) She studied Communication and Art at the National University of Entre Ríos in Paraná, Argentina, where she directed Photojournalism Workshops. She was traveling through Latin America and Europe before settling in New York. This was also a journey in photojournalism and towards other artistic areas such as poetry, illustration and performance. However, it is the totalizing image of the moment that initiates her creative processes. A fortuitous image that finds her and, of which, she reaffirms her pain and beauty into her memory. Thus, she has lived in each of her photographs and these have allowed her to explore her identity, her ancestors and history above all, in her corpus of “Fotografia Performatica” like “Metamorphosis”, “Transmutation”, “The city object of Meditation” and “Hopscotch (Rayuela)”.

Her solo works as well as her collaborative projects have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, in New York, Boston, France, Czech Republic and Argentina, namely: Performeando, Queens Museum; Museum Fueguino of Art; Museum of Fine Art, Octavio de la Colina (Argentina); Grace Exhibition Space, BK; Panoply Performance Lab, BK; Open Studios (BOS) Bushwick, BK; The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA); The IMC Lab + Gallery, NYC; Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival; Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, Boston, MA; and English Kills Art Gallery, BK, to name a few.

She lives and works in New York.

She is a certified Plant-Based Nutrition Coach. (T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University).

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